Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Smiling, Always Smiling.


That slight quirk of your mouth, or that all-teeth blazing smile, that is what makes everything alright.

Your smile is the most beautiful when it appears genuine.

A smile says so many things, but most of all, if you can smile at least once during your worst days, it tells me you are a fighter.

Fighting against all that has put you down.

You are a fighter, you always pull yourself out from the deepest part of the ship wreck.

You are a fighter, and that smile tells me you have moved a few steps forward towards a mighty victory.

That smile of yours is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Not because you smile in a particular kind of way, but rather it brings a glow to your face. You are living and breathing, like I always say, that is what counts the most.

Keep smiling, you are a fighter, and with each passing day - smile brighter.


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