Thursday, 18 September 2014

Note to Self [2] - Disappointment


Dear The Me Tomorrow, 

Disappointment, why is this such a common feeling?

Why do you constantly feel disappointed in yourself and even others? Is there not a point where you should learn to get over the situation and be glad of what is in front of me.

It is not that I am telling you to be happy with everything either, cry your eyes out or moan all you want, but really, why is it so hard for you to say Alhamdulillah and move forward.

Is it not that everything that is ever thrown in your path sent by Allah? Is your faith not strong enough that you cannot accept that all things good and bad are from Allah?

In the moment when you are faced with a disappointment or even a disaster, you never seem to stop and ask myself these questions.

Maybe something does not work out the way you had wished it would, whether that be grades or friendships or something else completely.

When 'what you wanted' does not happen the way you had wanted it to happen, it comes to form this negative lens that every time you attempt to view the world positively, you are thrown into only seeing the darkest corners of life as though everything is falling apart, or you question what have you done to deserve such disappointment.

There comes a point where you just need to suck it up and move on to the next hurdle in life because they are never ending cause surely Allah tests those He loves. If you were to live life without disappointments or hurdles, what reward would there be waiting for you in the hereafter? You have not jumped over obstacles to win yourself a prize at the end.

So a message to the Me Tomorrow, stop complaining about your disappointments, say Alhamdulillah and keep walking on life's path.

Lots of Love,

The Me Today.

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