Thursday, 3 April 2014

Note to Self [1]


Dear The Me Tomorrow, 

I know right now everything is getting too much, that words have become loud noises clogging your mind, that each deadline being worked towards is not going right. No matter how much you wish for the world around you to quieten down or even shut up, there is no way on Earth that can happen. Do not wish for what cannot happen, but rather what you can make happen.

One thing that resonates well with me is the saying that 'it's just a bad day, not a bad life'. It might happen to be a string of bad days, but it still does not equate to a bad life.

At least you are breathing, right?

Does that not count for a lot?

Well it does, because as long as you keep breathing, you will get to places. Trust me, you will move forward with every backlash, every mental breakdown, because one step back should mean you come back two steps forward fighting.

I am proud of what you have done so far, and do not for a second be angry with yourself, or degrade your future. The future is still open to changes and wonders, don't try to narrow the amount of possibly amazing things you will do. If what you want does not work out, something better will come round - believe that and it will.

You are not the only one fighting this battle, there are numerous people facing the strain just like you. They are coping, so you can too. And more than that, I have faith that you will get through, because think about all the other times, did you not manage it all?

Keep going because I know you have caught sight of the twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel. That is where you are heading, and some part deep down inside knows you can get there soon.

Here's to great things and much less sessions of falling apart.

Lots of Love,

The Me Today.

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