Friday, 27 December 2013

{3} Chasing Away The Heavy Heart: DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY

You know how they say, that the little things in life are what make you smile, well I am all for that!

Just for a moment, think back to a time when you were happy, or the simple moments you were happy in. 

Actually, scan through your mind and try to pinpoint activities/actions/events that you remember that had put a smile on your face. There must be something!

In my case, there were two things which would put a smile on my face.

One being reading - even though it did not necessarily mean it made me smile all the time, I can guarantee that when reading a sad book there were definitely moments I had tears streaming down my face. But those were the kind of tears I did not mind.

Another being writing!

So recently, I have tried to make time for these two things, anytime during my week that I can fit them in.

For example, writing this blog post is a way I can just go on and on about anything I want. Sometimes I write a poem, a very random one which probably does not make sense, but oh well, I enjoy writing it so that's what counts.

To make time for reading, I usually do my best to get studying out of the way first so I can just relax with a book, and even spend half a day during the weekend dedicated to reading.

Reading and writing are my little things in life that make me smile.

All you need to do is find your little things in life!

They may range from sewing, sports, drawing, cooking, baking, watching crazy YouTube videos, spending time with family and siblings, photography, drama and many more. 

And it does not even have to be any of those things mentioned above, even smiling at strangers could be enough to make you happy.

Find the little things in life and hold onto them. 

And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to thank Allah throughout all moments in life. Sometimes we can forget Allah in our happy moments but just work to change that. I am working to change that too.

I hope this post is helpful in some way or another, it's a bit all over the place but as long as it makes sense, all is good! This tip might not be easy for everyone but giving it a go would be awesome.

Till then, we shall all continue to strive. 

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