Saturday, 15 February 2014

It Is Okay Not To Be Okay.

Sometimes you just need to admit that you are not okay.

It really is okay not to be okay.

Some will say it is a weakness - to not be okay. That 'to not be okay' shows you up as weak minded or not strong enough emotionally and mentally.

But we were not made with hearts of stone, or created immune to pain. There is a reason so many of us break.
It is because we can break, there is that possibility of us breaking.

We may not choose to be unhappy.

Unfortunately sadness does come along. Sometimes unhappiness jumps out from the unlikeliest corners, allowing you in no way to prepare for the worst. Other times you feel it descend on you, slowly weighing you down.

Before you know it, you are not okay anymore.

But - know that it is not the end of the world.

Allah sends a person hardship as a test. No matter how unfair it may seem to you, keep in mind that Allah only wants what is best for you. I tend to forget this, I fail to remember that the difficulties in life are there for a reason.

While you are 'not okay', some people seem to lose faith and hope, and I do understand their perspective, that they feel something happening to them is unjust or they feel their prayers are going unanswered.

For me though, not having that faith that something better is to come or losing trust in Allah has never been something I have ever considered before. Honestly, it is my trust and faith that always got me through.

We may shatter into a million pieces, but we can heal. The heavy heart will come but you will need to chase it away.

You cannot expect ease to come unless you actually do something to achieve it. You cannot simply sit around waiting for it (however in some cases that may be the only solution).

Life can be an utter mess, but if you take small steps you will get out of the mess.

If you need to cry - cry.

If you want someone to talk to - find them and talk.

It is okay not to be okay, because it gets better.

I promise you there is one way or another that you can pull yourself out from all the rubble you have found yourself under. I promise.

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