Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014: A Letter To Myself

Dear Myself a.k.a Me,

A whole new year awaits...


The mantra for the transition from 2013 to 2014 has to be this quote:

Time to start a new chapter - and you know what, maybe this next chapter will be much better than ALL the previous chapters!

2013 has been a massive learning curve and a time of many firsts, many mistakes, and much weirdness. 

Now it is time to learn from every challenge faced, every mistake made. 

 → Notes to Self: 
  • ALWAYS BE THANKFUL TO ALLAH - for the good and the bad!

  • Prioritise, Prioritise, and Prioritise - or else you will start forgetting about what really matters, and what your ultimate goals are.

  • Spend time discovering the beauty of Islam.

  • Dwelling on the past is a BIG NO NO - Nobody got time for that!

  • REMEMBER that YOU are good enough - do not spend forever comparing yourself to everyone else.

  • The key to your happiness should stay in your ownership - NO ONE should be able to take it away or mess around with it

  • NO REGRETS - everything happens for a reason so do not get caught up in 'what ifs' and all that crazy jazz.

  • Put 100% effort into your work and you will see results - Procrastination (ANOTHER BIG NO NO)

  • Go into 2014 with a positive outlook

  • I can guarantee that there will be many more 'notes to self' popping up throughout 2014 - make sure to take note!

I hope for a chapter filled with happiness, love, care, friendship, devotion to Allah, discovering, learning, AND SO MUCH MORE In'sha'Allah. Ameen.

Lots of Love, 

The 2013 Me 

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