Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Not The Key To My Happiness


Once upon a time, a person walked into my life.

I cared about them, and I still do care about them to an extent. I can't really place a finger on the emotion that they made/make me feel.

At some points this person made me very happy, and at other points they made my world come crushing down.


When you give another person the key to your emotions, you are bound to get yourself hurt. And I know this because, I did exactly that. I gave the key away without thinking twice.

I did it unintentionally. But I still did it.

I became dependent at that moment.

I handed over the controls of my happiness to another person, and in the process I ended up being degraded. Frankly, I came to a point where I felt both emotionally and physically degraded.

I depended on this person to help me decide how I was feeling.

And that was my downfall.

The person themselves may not have realised what they were putting me through, the way in which they could pull the strings to my emotions so easily. A better way to explain is that I was much like an on and off switch. When I was 'on', I was overly positive and happy. When I was 'off', I poured negativity.

After a long time of going through with this, I knew it was time to stop. It was time to take back the key which I had unintentionally handed over to another person.

So that is what I did.

Long story short - I got back what was rightfully mine: The key. I was not going to let someone mess around with my emotions anymore.

Moral of the story - The person was NOT THE KEY TO MY HAPPINESS. Simply put, a person cannot truly be the key to my happiness, and in the future I was not going to make the same mistake again. That person who had walked into my life had come as a test, it was my time to realise Whom to turn to for real happiness.

There is only One that can ever truly be trusted with that key and that is Allah. I understood that looking for my happiness on the path to Allah would bring me a peace that worldly things could never. In the times when I was hurting, I would pray that the person in my life would be removed, and each time I would feel relieved after supplicating.

Relieved in the sense that I could turn to Allah and let everything out.

During that time, I had beautiful and amazing friends to help me through. In a way they came as answers to my prayer. They helped me walk through with my solution and made me realise I could get through the worst of it.

Do not ever expect others to make you happy, do what makes YOU happy - and do it without depending on others. It sounds slightly cheesy but it is true.

You are a traveller in this world, a stranger. Just like everyone else. The people around you are there to walk along with you in this journey - but do not expect them to hold you up all the way to your destination.

I wanted to share part of my story because, honestly, I learnt so much - this post is only part of what this person taught me. They taught me things they probably never realised they even did.

I hope to someday walk past them in the streets, and maybe I will smile at them just as a sign of gratitude for what I have learnt from them.

Funny thing is, I have no idea if they would smile back. Maybe, just maybe they will. Maybe I taught them something too.

Allahu A'alam.

Till then, we shall all continue to strive. 

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